Become a Puppy Raiser
Help someone with disabilities. Raise a puppy for one year. You will be preparing the puppy to go on to graduate school to become a highly trained assistance dog.

You can help to give the gift of independence to a special person!

A puppy-raiser is the first and a very important step toward placing a working dog with their human. From the time a puppy goes to live with a puppy-raiser at either 8-10 weeks of age until it returns to advanced training at about 12 months of age, the puppy-raiser is part of the wonderful process of placing a graduate dog with a human partner.

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You can make a difference in the life of a person with disabilities!

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Can't commit to a year, BECOME A TEMPORARY FOSTER HOME

Our temporary fostering program is like a canine "bed & breakfast" where our dogs-in-training stay in the homes of our pre-approved temporary foster homes overnight and during weekends.  Occasionally, a dog may need to be placed for a longer period of time to cover illness and/or holidays. Given the impact that puppy-sitters will have on the puppies, puppy-sitter volunteers are required to go through the same application process as puppy-raisers. This includes attending puppy classes and having a personal interview since consistency is very important at every step of a puppy's life.

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If you are interested in fostering a Brigadoon puppy, please review the guidelines and contact Brigadoon today at:  (360) 733-5388 or email:

Raise A Puppy

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