August 19, 2018

"Hey mom since we picked up fresh pellets for the puppy potty box, can I pick something out too? I know that they are just going to poop and pee on what they are getting, but do I get something for being a good helper while shopping?" - giving the sad puppy eyes, Oscar

August 15, 2018

"So these puppies have now taken over the outside. I really want to play with them, but Mom says I can only watch still. Maybe soon she will change her mind" - wagging with hope, Oscar

August 12, 2018

" Those are some strange looking dogs on the other side of the fence" - wags, Oscar 

Photo Description: one of Oscar looking at some goats, the other of him smiling at the camera with the goats behind him.

Greetings from the beautiful state of Washington....yes another puppy pit stop, can't expect too much from (3) 10 week old puppies 😂

Photo Description: Bianca, Penny, and Bernard posing for the camera.

How the puppy would like to wait for the train vs. how the raiser would like the puppy to wait for the train.

Tip to the puppy...waiting the way the raiser wants earns you yummy treats the other way does not 😉

Photo Description: top photo - Penny sitting with her hi...

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