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Beaumont aspiring as a Service Dog

Read this beautiful, inspiring testimonial from the mother of one of our recent graduates.

"I wanted to share with you all what Beaumont is doing and what he did for me this morning. The past few months since we have had Beaumont every seizure Levi has had he has been with myself or Rod. Beaumont reacts to Levi’s seizures by running up to him, barking, gently rubbing against him and licking his face. This morning Levi was napping in his favorite chair upstairs. I was in my bedroom and Levi had just fallen on the floor seizing and I was unaware of this. Beaumont immediately came and got me. He ran to Levi's side barking, rubbing against him, licking his face, smelling him, trying to move Levi’s face with his own face and when the seizure was over he immediately was lying down next to him with his head on Levi’s chest. Beaumont did exactly what he has been trained to do. Not that I had any doubts but to see him alert me and protect Levi was unbelievable. This was the first time Beaumont had to come and get me and he was amazing. Beaumont was meant to be with our family. Thank you so much for what you do and what Brigadoon does. You truly are changing and saving the lives of people"

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