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Mia & Oakley take on Europe.

We received an update from one of our amazing Service Dog teams about their recent trip across the pond.

"Oakley and I just got back from a big trip to England. He was an absolute rockstar the entire time. He tackled two - ten hour flights, the zoo and a couple of concerts (that he somehow slept through). Every single day he matures into his full potential and is a totally different dog from the wild puppy I met almost 2 years ago.

We wish you a very happy holiday. Good luck with your new puppies and we will see you in the new year!

Lots of love,

Oakley and Mia"

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles!

Mia included pictures from their European adventures including their 10 hour plane ride, getting on the train by themselves, and their first time in a London taxi! She even sent a video of them at the London International Horse Show! Oakley laid by Mia's feet, impressingly unfazed. After their long days of sightseeing, they would regroup on the couch with some downtime. We are proud to see how much they're bond has grown over the last 2 years.

Cheers to many more!


"Our first trip to the zoo! He met alpacas. And we also got to see giraffes, zebras, rhinos and elephants."

"His first time in a London taxi! He wanted to look out the window and watch everyone.

(And probably stretch after a 10 hour nap on the plane.)"

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