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A Trainer’s Perspective - A Brigadoon Service Dogs Testimonial (2008)

Hi everyone. I’m Kathleen, the new trainer that Denise hired. I’ve done obedience training in the past as well as training my own dog for Search and Rescue. I liked SAR because I felt that I was contributing to the community. Believe me, it was nothing compared to how I feel about training Brigadoon dogs. Training dogs to help others gives me a real sense of purpose and meaning knowing that these dogs are going to have a positive impact on the quality of life of the people they partner with. The dogs here are very intelligent and a joy to work with and Denise is doing a great job of teaching me the things that service dogs need to know.

Denise: Now that Kathleen has been here for a while, I cannot imagine how I ever got anything done before. She is such a help and the dogs absolutely love her. One of the greatest things about Kathleen is that she is open-minded about suggestions on how to solve training problems. Kathleen is a real joy to work with and a great asset to Brigadoon.

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