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Brigadoon Service Dog Founder Denise CoStanten Publishes Training DVD! (2019)

Denise, founder and President of Brigadoon has just released a training DVD on basic puppy training for good manners and understanding how a dog learns. Read more here, then buy the DVD at Amazon

Positive Reinforcement Puppy Training: Use this method and you can train your family pet to be as well behaved as a service dog. Denise, long-time service dog trainer, guides you step-by-step through the same training techniques she has used to train service dogs to help veterans and disabled people. There are two sections, foundations and basic training.

  • Foundations include: preparation, observing the dog, clicker training, name recognition, attention as behavior, kennel, and potty training.

  • Basic training includes: encouraging behavior, lure and sit, waiting at doors, collar cues, loose leash walking, recall, down, and on the mat.

Throughout, Denise explains each step, demonstrates with puppies of varying ages and temperaments, and provides numerous tips and examples.

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