Cedar Creek Inmate Training Brigadoon Service Dogs Give Report by Darin Armstrong (2018)

I asked Cedar Creek inmate trainers “What have you gotten out of Brigadoon Service Dogs’ program?” And here’s what they said.

I have been in the program since March 13th, 2016, and have realized how alike we are to dogs' behaviors. The way we react to others through the energy and body language. Dogs feel our energy and will act according to how we behave. If I am feeling low or agitated, the dog will behave that way. He/she won't listen or will be hesitant to react to my commands. Those are the worst times to train. It can and will set the dog back.

The best training I can give is when I am being animated with a high-pitched voice. The dog will respond better with enthusiasm. I have learned that by working with others and communicating how many different approaches there are in training you find what best suits you to get the most out of a dog.