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The Most Powerful Exercise for Your Dog! - A Brigadoon Service Dogs News Article (2008)

The single most important exercise for your dog is walking. It can help connect with all aspects of your dog’s mind. To have the ability to truly bond with your dog as a pack leader you must master the walk. It is the foundation of your relationship. It is also where a dog learns to be a dog. There are many things a dog can learn on a walk. It can learn about things to be avoided such as bikes and skateboards, about dangers such as cars, and about animals and humans in the environment. It gets to really know its territory and pee on trees.

A regular, structured walking schedule is vital, especially for dogs with behavior problems and issues. Allowing your dog to simply roam around all day by itself isn’t providing it with the structure it gets when it migrates with its pack leader. Substituting a big backyard for a primal walk with your dog does not give it structure.

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