What is the Process of Training a Service Dog? - A Brigadoon Service Dogs News Article (2014)

Training a service dog is a lengthy process. At Brigadoon, service dogs are trained from puppyhood and up until they are around 2 years of age. Training a service dog is also a costly process. It is estimated that the costs are around $30,000 per dog.

Here are the steps a Brigadoon service dog would likely undergo to become trained as a service dog:

1. The puppy is born! Some service dog puppies are bred in the program, some are donated by breeders, others are adopted, and some are shared through a service dog co-op program. For this example, we’ll say that our puppy is a collie puppy from a Brigadoon litter named Ramona.

2. Ramona is temperament tested. Tests might include making a loud noise to see how she’d