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At Brigadoon Service Dogs, clients spend two weeks learning all the cues their new service dogs have been taught. They practice for days at the Brigadoon Service Dogs campus location, then they practice in public places. As we end 2022 and look at our 2023 goals for Brigadoon, we wanted to take a moment and thank all our donors and supporters and to share our most recent Team Training. This is one day in the life at Brigadoon Service Dogs.

Meet Tracy, one of Brigadoon's Board Members who is an inmate counselor for inmates involved in Brigadoon's Prison Program and see a Prison Program Team in action!

Curious about volunteering to be a Brigadoon Volunteer Puppy Raiser? Meet one of Brigadoon's Volunteers, learn more about puppy raising and see a whole lot of cuteness in the bargan!

Meet Brigadoon Service Dogs Board of Directors as they welcome folks to our 2022 Auction. Find out the reasons why they got involved!

Come and explore Brigadoon Service Dog's Facility with us! Brigadoon is located in. Bellingham WA on a five acre lot of land. Take this virtual tour and walk with us through our facilities.

Teenagers need their independence, right? But imagine being a parent of a daughter who has gone through 43 surgeries by age 18. How would you feel when that daughter comes to you and tells you she wants to move two states away to go to college? When Cassidy's parents faced that challenge, they called Brigadoon Service Dogs. Now Cassidy is living on her own, living her dream attending U.C.L.A. Here are just a few ways how champ helps.

Brigadoon Service Dogs visited with one of our clients, Tamar, and her new partner Brother. Check out this sweet story about how her service dog Brother helped Tamar to get her freedom back.

Join Cedar Creek Corrections Facility Counselor Tracy Stuenkel and the Brigadoon Service Dogs Prison Program inmate dog trainers as we get a peak into their world. This video lead up to our Auction in 2021.

Inmates in Brigadoon Service Dogs' Prison Program share their thoughts about helping to train Brigadoon Service Dogs in a series of four videos.

Check out just how important Paddington is to saving Michael's life, literally. This video shares a truly heart warming story of hope for a veteran who felt he had no hope ... until he met Paddington.

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