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Brigadoon Service Dogs is a unique organization. Our mission is to provide trained service dogs for combat veterans, children, and adults with physical, developmental, and behavioral health disabilities to promote a more independent and enriched life. We change lives one partnership at a time.


Brigadoon is one of the few training facilities that trains dogs for children under the age of 16. We train with the child and their entire family to ensure the service dog is a good fit in the home.

Brigadoon's veteran program, Canines and Heroes for Independence, is geared specifically towards the complex needs of veterans who may suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and/or mobility issues. The service dog for a combat veteran might be trained to turn on lights, retrieve items, wake their human partner during a nightmare, aide the hearing impaired, or calm a wounded warrior when suffering from a flashback or panic attack.

Brigadoon has also partnered with a number of Washington state prisons to create a mutually beneficial program. Our dogs are housed with the inmates who are responsible for all aspects of their care and training, under the supervision of a Brigadoon trainer. Learning to communicate in a positive, more effective way carries over into the inmates' interactions within the prison system, with family members, and coping once they are released. 

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Meet Drifter! He is the newest addition to the Brigadoon family. He came to us all the way from Pennsylvania by way of Virginia. While he was back east, he decided to make the most of his trip and toured DC with our trainer, Katy. We know he is destined for great things. How can he not be with a start like that?!

Did you know?

In the State of Washington alone, there are 398,000 mobility-impaired, and 226,000 hearing-impaired individuals. This is only a small part of the services Brigadoon dogs provide help for, and a small part of the area that Brigadoon services.

On March 22, 2018, Governor Jay Inslee has signed a bill that it will be an offense for misrepresentation of a non-trained Service 

Dog or Miniature Horse a Class 1 Civil Infraction. This act will be effective January 01, 2019.  Click here to read the Substitute House Bill No. 2822.

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