"Join us for this year's 5-day

virtual auction event opening

Tuesday Sept 8th at 8am and closing Saturday Sept 12th at 10p.

We will also have a fun filled

Saturday evening program at 7p with our auctioneer Matt Lorch!"

--Denise CoStanten

Founder & Executive Director


we provide trained service dogs for veterans, children, adults with physical, developmental, and behavioral health disabilities to promote a more independent and enriched life.

PUPPIES: Birth to 8 weeks -- Stay with mom. Learn bite inhibition with mom's correction and litter mates' play.

8 weeks to 8 months -- Live with volunteer puppy trainers, gets exposure to cars, children, small animals, public places, daily life. 

A very special thank you to the LOCHLAND FOUNDATION for your generous support through the COVID19 crisis.



COST: $30,000

Most people in need cannot afford the cost so Brigadoon Service Dog became a 501(c)(3) non-profit in 2004 in order to help bridge the financial gap. Civilians pay a third of the cost and veterans never pay. 

DOGS: 8 to 16 months -- Live with PRISON PROGRAM inmates 24/7 for daily intermediate level training

using positive reinforcement of praise and nibbles of food.

(Inmates with Denise CoStanten, their instructor -- our Founder and Executive Director.)

Deptartment of Defense: Wounded Warrior Service Dog Program




Client & Dog Match: 2 weeks TEAM TRAINING -- Teaches client what dog knows and how to handle dog in public places.

Clients end their training during the final days when they pass the Public Access Test.

Client & Dog Relationship: Brigadoon provides ongoing service for as long as the two are together.

We answer questions, provide home visits and additional training when needed, for the life of the team.

Hello! Hope everyone is staying safe.


Oakley and I have been on some more adventures. Today we went out on the lake and kayaked. He totally loved it. 

About a month ago we were invited to be a part of creating the Accessible Canada Act. It was a really cool experience. And I am glad I was able to share my perspective as a service dog user with multiple disabilities. ... 

... This is big big news but I went down to Seattle all by myself! We took 2.5 hour long train rides, crossed the border and walked around Seattle. It was a massive day trip. All totally independent! Just Oakley and I. That is something I had never even dreamed was possible before him. 

Now we are staying at home and staying safe. Lucky for us we have a lot to do right outside our front door. Oakley is maturing into such a wonderful dog.

Stay Safe! 

Mia and Oakley 

(Denise received this note from Mia last April right after the COVID lockdown. Mia is a client thrilled with her new partner.)

Be a part of something bigger. Together, we can "offer a helping paw."

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Brigadoon Service Dogs

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