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Our Story

"Offering a Helping Paw"

We provide trained service dogs for veterans, children, and adults with physical, developmental, and behavioral health disabilities to promote a more independent and enriched life.

Founded in 2004, Brigadoon addresses the great need for assistance dogs in the Pacific Northwest by creating and supporting world-class service dog teams. Fully accredited in 2012 by Assistance Dogs International (ADI), we operate in accordance with ADI’s highest standards of excellence for the global assistance dog industry.

Our shared passion for service dogs and the assistance they provide is what motivates us to achieve excellence each day. Through an intentional and compassionate approach to animal assisted interventions (AAI), our focus is on harnessing the therapeutic potential and healing qualities of each match. Our use of positive reinforcement and force-free training methods maximizes the success and welfare of the dogs in our care.

Our Goal to Meet The Community Need

As one of the very few ADI-accredited organizations in WA state, we are contacted daily by those in search of a service dog. We have to grow the capacity of our organization to help meet that demand, and our goal is to never ask any client to pay for the service dog they so need. 

2024 marks our 20th anniversary, and we've moved the entirety of our operations to a new location this year to allow us to remain accessible and increase our opportunities for growth to meet the community demand. The focus this year is on developing the two-plus acres we have leased in a way that is deliberate and purposeful while still allowing for mobility in the future. We need to increase the number of dogs in our program to expand our reach and broaden the number of clients we are able to serve each year. 


The Demand

The demand for a well-trained service dog far exceeds the industry’s ability to provide them. The collective capacity of the two internationally recognized coalitions dedicated to producing only the highest quality trained assistance dogs, Assistance Dogs International and International Guide Dog Foundation, cannot keep up with the ever-growing requirement for service dogs. While demand has certainly increased with the broadening acceptance and recognition of invisible disabilities, that is not all that hinders capacity from meeting the need.


The reality of what is required to create a safe and effective service dog team can be daunting. It takes approximately two years and more than $40,000 to raise and train a service dog to the point they are ready for placement with a client. Costs include those that any business owner would experience like rent, utilities, insurance, etc., but also routine and specialist veterinary care, food, treats, collars, leashes, kennels, specialized transportation, kennel operations, and most importantly the labor and professional development of those supporting and training the dogs. Those qualified and experienced enough to train dogs of this caliber are hard to come by and in high demand. 

Our Values

Operate at the Highest Ethical Standards

By operating with only the highest standards for animal assisted interventions, we maximize the success and welfare of dogs in our care.

Provide the Best Trained Service Dogs Possible

We source purpose-bred Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers and work tirelessly to raise and train the most successful and capable dogs for our clients.

Treat Every Person With Respect and Dignity

Not every disability is visible.  We treat our veteran, children, and adult clients with the utmost empathy and care.

Exceed Client Expectations

We provide only the highest level of personalized Client Services, with ongoing support and training from placement to retirement and succession.

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