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Brigadoon provides service dogs to children living with physical, neurological, psychiatric, or behavioral disabilities.

**Please understand that because we have a very small staff, we are not able to respond to individual eligibility inquiries outside of this process by email, mail, or phone.

The Benefits of Service Dogs For Children

Children aged five or older are paired with service dogs trained to assist with physical tasks such as retrieving dropped items, applying deep pressure, and opening doors. This pairing is overseen by a facilitator, usually a parent or caregiver, who manages and nurtures the service dog, fosters a close relationship between the child and the dog, and attends to the specific training requirements of the dog.

The dogs Brigadoon places with children are chosen for their calmness, reliability, and affection, enabling them to assist children with daily tasks at home and in public. These dogs also play a role in bridging social connections with the public. Beyond easing physical tasks, this assistance enhances confidence and independence. They assist children with disabilities such as cerebral palsy, autism, Down Syndrome, as well as mobility issues.

Brigadoon service dog with child partner

Nandi & Evan

Nandi & Evan were one of our 2023 graduates. See all of the ways that Evan is able to assist Nandi in her everyday life.

Is a Service Dog Right For You?

If you are interested in one of our dogs, but unsure if you should apply?. Please review these questions on our 'Is A Service Dog Right For You' page, which are designed to help you determine whether or not to submit our eligibility screening questionnaire.

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