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About Our Dogs


Many people with disabilities who suffer from depression, loneliness and fear have found the unconditional love, companionship and support their service dog gives is immeasurable.  It's impossible to put a price tag on something so life changing.


After the dogs complete their training they are able to perform an astonishing number of tasks for their special person in need, some of which are:


  • opening or closing doors or drawers

  • pulling a wheelchair

  • retrieving dropped items

  • providing physical balance

  • activating adaptive switches

  • carrying items

  • assisting clients up from a fall

  • helping their partner climb and/or descend stairs

  • helping to load or unload the washer and dryer

  • aiding in dressing

  • assisting in keeping an autistic child safe

  • turning a light switch on or off



Our Puppies


Many people ask us where we get our dogs.  We receive our dogs from many sources.  We have a breeding program where we've used labs and collies, we've received puppies donated to Brigadoon, as well as purchased puppies from reputable sources, and we also do our best to take dogs out of rescue facilities and give them a second chance for a great life.


Potential service dogs are chosen for their love of people, intelligence, health, and willingness to work.  Then it can take up to two years of nurturing and training before they can be placed with their human partner (depending on their age). 


At this time, we do not accept and train the puppies of our clients. And while we will gladly consider the donation of a puppy to be raised in our program, we can not accept and train a puppy for a client that is specifically provided by the client.





Puppy-raisers keep their charges with them 24/7, all day, every day.  Because there is no way of knowing what kind of job the dog will eventually have, puppies must be exposed to as many different human situations as possible when they are young.


  • They go to work with their puppy-raisers to learn the patience needed for human employment.

  • They travel on every mode of transportation possible, to learn how to settle at a person's feet in a taxi, bus, train, or airplane.

  • They shop regularly with their raisers to learn that the meat counter in a grocery store, or the stuffed animals lined up so neatly in a toy aisle, are not provided for their personal enjoyment.

  • They learn how to meet and greet people politely and with reserved interest, so that when they are eventually teamed with a human, they will know how to be steady and supportive at their partner's side. 


At the same time, the puppies are grounded in basic obedience skills by their puppy-raisers. Brigadoon supports the raisers and their puppies throughout this process. If you are interested in becoming a puppy raiser, please visit our puppy raiser page and learn more about our program!





Amidst all the serious socialization and training are wonderful opportunities to explore the world with the puppies.  Learning how to swim, or meeting a kitten for the first time are great experiences to share.  Puppy-raisers soon realize that having a pup who needs to experience what the world has to offer, is great motivation for going to the zoo or taking a day trip on the ferry to Whidbey Island.


Advanced Training


Once they have matured sufficiently, Brigadoon puppies return to the center.  They spend a couple of weeks going through intensive assessment for temperament, health and trainability.  Once they pass assessment they move into the advanced part of their training to learn their amazing skills.

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