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Brand Guidelines

Before using any of the Brigadoon brand elements, please review our brand guidelines. This guide is to help you use the Brigadoon brand in a cohesive way. To view it, click here.


Brigadoon uses three different fonts within the brand identity. Avenir is the primary font for body copy, paragraphs, captions, and smaller headings. Neulis is the secondary font used for headings and titles. Vintage is used as the Brigadoon logo font, please limit using the Vintage font to the logo only. All fonts can be downloaded here.


If you need access to photos of Brigadoon dogs, please contact us directly.

Brigadoon Logos

Here you will find the logos used within the Brigadoon brand. Please refer back to the brand guidelines for detailed usage instructions. Please do not manipulate the logos in any way. To view all logos or to download vector files, click here.

Horizontal Logo
Shield Logo
Vertical Logo
Shield & Dog Icon

Outreach Materials

If you need to access digital versions of any of Brigadoon's outreach materials, they can be downloaded here.

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