Success Stories



Robin & "Nugget"

You know how when you live with a child or someone who is aging you don't see the subtle changes because you're with them every day? Living with a service dog feels kind of like that. The incremental changes add up slowly over time. There will be milestones. And eventually there will be a day when you look around and think, "Hey. I have a life. I feel good. This is really, really nice." Read More

Mary & "Sable"

Andrea, Mary's mother: "Before Sable came into our life, we seldom went anywhere as a family because Mary who has downs syndrome, would wander off. She didn't like us to hold her hand and was quick to disappear. Now that she has "Sable", we can go anyplace as a family. Although Sable was trained to find Mary if she wandered off, she has not had to because Mary never leaves "Sable's" side." 

Jose & "Nelson"

I have type 1 brittle diabetes. Last year my blood sugar dropped so fast while I was driving my car that I passed out and crashed. My service dog, "Nelson" alerts me if my blood sugar drops dangerously low. I have so much more independence and not worried about driving now.

Reyna & "Ava"

In any given day while walking with Ava, my hearing dog, I’ll be asked questions as to her breed; “Is that dog part greyhound and collie?” Or “what kind of dog is that?”  I’ll smile and try to educate them on smooth collies.  She is a conversation piece.  Ava and I often get our names mixed up, I’ll just say “It’s ok, we are one entity”. Read more

Margaret & "Ozzie" 

Featured in The Horizon Newspaper, article by Carol Hogan

Do you know Ozzie Cooper –a stand-out at Whatcom Community College?  Maybe you passed him in a crowded hallway walking with his best friend, Margaret Cooper, from 

class to class. Read More

Jackie & "Cooper"

I cannot imagine my life without "Cooper". I don't have to worry about falling now. If I do stumble and fall, I just call Cooper over to me, ask him to "brace" and with his help, get upright again. I use him for my mobility issues.

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